2019 Anders F. Steen 'Let's go Disco' Rose


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2019 Anders F. Steen 'Let's Go Disco' VdF Rosé - Ardeche, France. 750ml


Our newest edition to the Anders Frederik-Steen collection is Lets Go Disco 2019. A very floral and fruity rosé, in the style of “Freedom of Peach” he made in 2014. A darker, sweeter style of rosé unlike any that you would have tried before.


As well as his own vineyards, Anders also picks grapes with the Ousrics in Valvignères and further afield with the Bannwarth family in Obermorschwihr, Alsace.

In his previous life Anders was both a chef and sommelier, working at the best restaurants in his native Denmark. First as a sommelier at Noma, later opening Manfreds and Relae. This experience informs his winemaking in that he does not seek to follow rules and doesn’t feel the need to do the same thing every year. Instead, as he harvests he tastes the grapes and begins to imagine the kind of wine he might be able to make.

This refreshingly logical, creative approach yields wines that are truly one of a kind