Entropy Gippsland Red

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2021 Entropy Gippsland Red, Pinot Noir - GIPPSLAND, VIC. 750ml


Notes from Ryan;


Willow Grove vineyard has two blocks of Pinot Noir and at some point the original owners attempted to graft one of the blocks over to Pinot Gris.

This wasn't done well and now not only is there both varietals growing but Some vines have mutated and have both varietals on the SAME BUNCH of grapes!

So I put put the whole block of fruit in a tank on skins together for a month. Fruit was de-stemmed and the cap gently punched down occasionally. A small amount of syrah from wild dog vineyard was blended in for a little extra structure and colour.

The wine feels like Pinot noir but a little bit Italian, Light in colour but incredibly expressive with High acid and lovely firm tannin. really beautiful, sweet candied fruit on the nose and much riper in character than 2020's Gippsland Red.


13.5% alc