Francois Cotat Cuvee Paul 2012

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2012 François Cotat Cuvée Paul Sancerre - FRANCE, 750ml


Named after François father, Cuvée Paul is an incredibly rare wine often made from La Grande Côte and set aside as having the greatest potential for ageing. It is not made every year. A hark back to how Chavignol was made in the 40's and 50's it is made from very ripe grapes and shows gentle sweetness and incredible power.

This is by far the greatest Chavignol I have ever tasted, in 2012 the wine is basically dry, yet it has a dimension and concentration that I can't put into words and that is not easy for me. I have reduced the price (he has not) in order to help this wine into your cellars, it is simply one of few best wines we have imported in our 13 years in business, so let's celebrate that.