Noisy Ritual Sunbury Pinot Noir

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2020 Noisy Ritual Pinot Noir. Ray-monde Deux Vineyard, Sunbury, VIC. 750ml.

This is a spicy, earthy cool-climate Pinot Noir. Small batch. Hand picked. Foot stomped. Wild ferment.

Noisy Ritual began a few years ago when we found a big old concrete wine fermenter under Cam's house. Alex organised half a tonne of grapes and we grabbed some mates to help us stomp them. It was messy, low-tech and heaps of fun. Delicious wine was made. Noisy Ritual was born. 

We're out to demystify the winemaking process by bringing together good people over great wine, food and music to learn about, taste and create wine in the big smoke. We hope it's as fun to drink as it was to make. Love Alex & Cam.