Anne Boisson 'les Chevalieres' Meursault


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2018 Anne Boisson 'les Chevalières' Meursault, Burgundy, FRANCE. 750ml


The domaine also makes three distinct village wine bottlings, from three of the best lieux dits in Meursault: Sous la Velle (under Anne Boisson); Grands Charrons (planted in 1988) and Chevalières (planted in 1982). The Grands Charrons bottling is the exhuberant of the three ("the most Meursault-y" says Bernard). The Sous la Velle is broad yet refined, perhaps a slightly toned down version of the Grand Charrons. Lastly, the Chevalières is racier and more mineral in profile, with a tighter fruit component in its youth. All the wines are excellent and quite age-worthy, and behave much more like top premier crus than they do village wines.