Belluard Grand Jorasses


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2019 Domaine Belluard Grand Jorasses (Altesse) Roussette de Savoie - SAVOIE, FRANCE. 750ml


This elegant macerated (orange) wine (previous vintages have been white wines) made from the local Savoie grape called Altesse or, sometimes, Roussette de Savoie (see back label below) which is also the official name of the appellation under which this wine is issued.

The vineyard from which this wine is made is relatively young and lies at an altitude of 450 metres above sea level with the vineyard facing south and hence receiving better sunlight for ripening of the grapes.

The vineyard is littered with glacial moraine (sediment) and underlying yellow marl.

The grapes are hand-harvested and then macerated on stems for a month, thus producing an orange wine. The wine, like all of Dominique’s wines was fermented naturally and the natural yeasts took four months to ferment this wine out to dry. The alcohol level is 12.5%.

The wine went through malolactic fermentation, was not filtered and no sulphites were added at any time.

It is named after the Grandes Jorasses mountain – one of the highest peaks in the Alps bordering France and Italy.