Ben Haines Flowers 2011

White Wine

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2011 Ben Haines 'Flowers' Flor Marsanne - Yarra Valley, VIC. 500ml


ORIGIN: Warramunda Vineyard, Coldstream, Yarra Valley

STYLE: Medium-bodied, naturally fermented, Flor-aged then oxidatively aged on ullage for 10 years.

Artwork by Madeline Wright

500mL hand-bottled to order


Mike Bennie

“A project long in the making, long in patience. Marsanne raised under flor, oxidised. An anthem to vin jaune but wholly its own thing. It gets to 16% without fortification (it started in barrel in 2011 at 12%!) Curious and wonderful thing. I’m so grateful for things like this happening in Australia.

Mega rancio, dried fruits and nuts, fino sherry, clove-spiked orange, ginger to the max. Wall of flavour, amontillado-like in a way, dry, puckering tannins in the mix and a starburst of mandarin acidity. So many layers, so much flavour, so much interest and yum-factor!”