Collier Saumur Blanc


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2018 Domaine du Collier Blanc - SAUMUR, LOIRE, FRANCE. 750ml


Compared with the sleek 2017 wines, the 2018 vintage has added power and sapid depth. That it is a wine from grapes grown in stone and then aged in a stone cellar is evident - this is totally crystalline, seemingly hewn purely from the stones that lie in the ground from which it comes - floating on top as usual is the entrancing citrus and floral perfume. In 2018 there is again great freshness and clarity - it has real presence and drive, the finish is chiselled in the mouth displaying cut and salinity alongside powerful tension - it finishes with the sort of gravitas to make you ponder. Mouthwatering acidity, a fine substance, a vivacious finish - there is greatness here.