2020 Eastern Peake Original Block Pinot Noir NEW LABEL

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2020 Eastern Peake 'Original Block' Pinot Noir. Coghills Creek-Ballarat-VIC. 750ml

'OB' is meant to stand for 'Original Block', the original plantings of Pinot Noir at Eastern Peake. But the founder Norm Latta often refers to it as 'old bastard' thanks to the difficulty in maintaining the block which is close planted and low cropped.

We reckon it's worth the effort for this super concentrated, black fruited, masculine take on Pinot Noir. There's so much structure here you could quite happily cellar it for a couple of decades. But it's pretty delicious right now!

New label and new look for Eastern Peake, featuring artist Clare O'Flynn capturing the 'Eastern Peake'.