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2018 François Rousset-Martin Oxy << More >> Chardonnay - Côtes du Jura, France. 750ml


François first became interested in wine growing up in Burgundy where his father was a micro-biologist for the Hospices de Beaune. Childhood trips were spent in the Jura getting to know and falling in love with a parcel of family vines which he would later vinify with his father, belonging to his Grandfather.
After earning an oenology degree he returned to his Jura roots and in 2006 launched his winery. While his scientific background provides François with a literal understanding of the transformation from grape to wine, he’s most influenced by keen intuition, and winemaking lore passed down from his Great Grandfather, who was also a winemaker.
This central part of the Jura is very much the undiscovered Jura, characterized by imposing limestone and marl cliffs perched atop pedestals of sloping vineyards. It is a raw, imposing beauty very different to the gentle slopes further south.  He fashions wines within the Château Chalon appellation, labelled as Côtes du Jura since he makes them in a non-oxidative (ouillé or topped-up) style. Vinified by parcel (farming is organic-certified) with little to no sulphur and bottled unfined and unfiltered.
Francois wines are complex and very concentrated, falling somewhere along the spectrum of floral, delicate and exotic and rich. They are somewhat reminiscent of the Ganevat and Labet wines with the same laser-like acidity and tension alied to serious concentration and depth.
Stunning wines indeed. The white wines shimmer and vibrate with life; they are concentrated, superbly balanced and very fine indeed. His focus is on making ouillé or topped-up wines within the Château Chalon appellation, bottled as Côtes du Jura. Freshness, clarity, precision and persistence are their hallmarks. The red wines are delicious; pale, light, fleeting and charming.