Gravner Ribolla 2012

White Wine

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2012 Gravner Ribolla - Friuli, ITALY. 750ml


Though he refuses categorisation as biodynamic,

Gravner follows Rudolf Steiner’s principles in both the

vineyard and the cellar, adjusted to his own methods.

Vineyards are managed without fertilisers or chemicals.

Fruit is hand harvested by the moon after late ripening

and undergoes a seven year cycle of fermentation and

aging: 1 year in amphora and 6 in oak, reflecting the

regeneration pattern of cells in our bodies. Bottling is

done in accordance with the lunar cycle, a step Josko

regards as imperative for wines which are unfiltered. In

the entire process the only addition is a small amount of

sulphur used in the amphorae (around 0.5 g/hectoliter).

The wines are released when Josko believes they are

ready to drink.