Le Boncie 'Le Trame' Rosso

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2018 Podere Le Boncie 'Le Trame' Sangiovese. Tuscany-ITALY. 750ml

Giovanna Morganti makes him return to that small group of "the wines of the heart", those bottles that must never be lacking in the cellar and that are always ready to uncork. Humoral, timbric, "terragno", it shows itself and opens in its effluvi with a rocky and hematic minerality of rhythm and accompanied by a complexity of perfumes in continuous becoming so that detaching the nose from the glass is a very difficult undertaking and we end up neglecting lunch or dinner. Animal notes of leather and skin, blueberry fruits, floral sensations, earthy sensations, a slight clue of truffles, everything mixes and re-emerges distinctly in sequence. It is devoid of any banality. On the palate it is full and juicy, intriguing and fascinating in its minerality. The tannin made, but still astringent and the acidity present make us hope for what will be.