Mark Angeli La Lune Amphores


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2019 La Ferme de la Sansonniere (Mark Angeli) - "La Lune Amphores" VdF (Chenin Blanc) Anjou, FRANCE. 750ml


Certified organic:

Chenin Blanc

SO2: No sulfur added to the wine

Soil Composition: Clay, Schist

Farming: Biodynamic (certified)

Age of vines: 35 years old

Fining/Filtration: Unfined/Unfiltered

This wine is made in the Anjou appellation but intentionally declassified to Vin de France. 
Residual sugar levels vary each vintage. In recent years, the Angeli have marked the levels of sugar for each wine on the front labels.


The grapes are direct pressed then fermented and aged for one year in large qveri anforas that are buried in the ground.