Ratte les Corvees Trousseau


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2020 Domaine Ratte 'les Corvées' Trousseau - ARBOIS JURA, FRANCE. 750ml


They had been growing grapes following organic and biodynamic principles since acquiring some vines from Francoise's parents and purchasing other parcels in 1989.  Wines are certified Demeter.  They have 8 hectares of vines over parcels named Les Corvées, Grand-Curoulet, Besivette, Prélevront, La Regole, Clos Maire et La Bergère.  The Melon d'Arbois cuvée is from Grand Curoulet, a soil "Marnes à Gryphées" and the vines 60 years old.  Pinot Noir is 80 year old vines and 20 year old vines, all selection Massale of the Jura.  The Trousseau is the special "Trousseau à la Dame", rarely seen, having small, loosely-knit clusters.  The vines are grown on the Côteaux des Corvées, the best slope of Arbois for Trousseau, Marne du Lias, covered with eboulis calcaires.  The Savagnin is from Pré Levront, just below Corvées.  The vines are 20 years old, but a small part was planted by Francoise's great-grandfather over 100 years ago.  Le Rubis is a blend of Poulsard, Pinot and Trousseau, all coming from the Clos Maire parcel.  The Poulsard is the old Poulsard "musqués" variety.  All the vines here are at least 80 years old.  Superb Jura wines - each one a memorable experience.   And their son Quentin, who has just finished viticulture studies, is now joining them full-time.

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