Christian Lericq la Ferme de l'Arbe St Joseph


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2021 Christian Lericq 'la Ferme de la Arbe' St Joseph, Northern Rhône, FRANCE. 750ml


This is from St Joseph, from the .75 hectare hillside plot in Tournon - this is a serious beauty.

Christian Lericq is a vigneron in the town of Tournon sur Rhône, one of the original villages - with Mauves and Saint Jean de Muzols - that make up the original AOC, here there are steep granite slopes, vines on terraces - the hill of Hermitage is across the river...alI work in the vineyards are with a winch, a pickaxe and a tiller.
He does not add any chemical inputs to his soils or to his vineyard, nor in his wines that he has been slowly perfecting for about 20 years, out of passion. In 2016, he expanded his vineyard acreage and also created La ferme de l’Arbre, where he also has a small apiary (bee hives) and a garden for fruits and vegetables that he also sells
The grapes are harvested by hand and the whole bunches are placed in wooden vats, in. The vinification is carried out at room temperature, with indigenous yeasts, without any artifice. They are semi carbonic macerated, with a light punching down and he does not do pump overs. After pressing, the wine is allowed to rest in old barrels in the cellar under his home. The wine is bottled at the end of August through the beginning of September. 
How does it taste? Well if Jean Gonon and Herve Souhaut got together to make a wine it would, I imagine taste like Ferme de L'Arbre !